Orkney is made up of over 60 islands just off the north coast of Scotland and I count myself lucky to have been born here as were many generations of my family.  Its unique landscape, spectacular coastline and ever changing weather along with its strong farming and fishing industry and a rich history going back to stoneage times offer a endless source of inspiration for me. 

I always wanted to 'paint Orkney but it was only when I was in my 40's that I found the time to go to The Orkney College and gain a HND in fine art.  After leaving the College in 2009 I was lucky enough to be offered a few exhibitions both solo and with other artisits and have just recently opened up my studio to the public.

I try to show how I 'feel' about Orkney in my paintings and use texture, colour and even real grasses and barley in my work. I hope to put across a sense of 'place' to the viewers.  

My paintings have been sold both nationally throughout the UK and internationally in USA, Australia, Norway and Japan.


The Toumal Art Studo is in my garden where there are spectacular views over Scapa Flow and outdoor seating for visitors to sit and enjoy the view. (Weather permiting). It is open to the public from May on Thursday and Friday but I'm happy to open at other times and by arrangement.  Prints of my work are also available along with a large selection of cards.

'toumal'  is an old Orkney word from the days when most of the land was common grazing.  The toumal or toomal was the name for the field that belonged to the house.  It would have been where the hens were kept or the kale grown.