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Orkney is made up of over 60 islands just off the north coast of Scotland and I count myself lucky to have been born here as were many generations of my family.  Its unique landscape, spectacular coastline and ever changing weather along with its strong farming and fishing industry and a rich history going back to neolithic times offer a endless source of inspiration for me. 

I always wanted to 'paint Orkney but it was only when I was in my 40's that I found the time to go to The Orkney College and gain an HND in fine art.  After leaving the College in 2009 I was lucky enough to be offered a few exhibitions both solo and with other artists.  In 2014 I took the plunge and decided to concentrate on my art full time. I set up Toumal Art Studio as a business,  joined the creative trail and opened my tiny garden studio to the public. The business went from strength to strength and last year in 2022 I opened a brand new purpose built studio and gallery where visitors are welcome to view my paintings in relaxing surroundings with spectacular views over Scapa Flow and see work in progress in the slightly more chaotic studio area.

I try to show how I 'feel' about Orkney in my paintings and use texture, colour and even real grasses and barley in my work. I hope to put across a sense of 'place' to the viewers.  

Over the years ,my paintings have been sold both nationally and internationally.  As well as having amazing local support, I have collectors  around Europe, USA,  Australia and the Far East.

I am regularly asked for commissions from clients looking for that personal Orkney piece, something that reminds them of a very memorable holiday in Orkney, or an Orcadian who would like a piece of "home" on their wall since moving away.


 'Toumal' is an old Orkney word from the days when most of the land was common grazing.  The toumal or toomal was the name for the field that belonged to the house.  It would have been where the hens were kept or the kale grown.

My studio is open to the public and has a large selection of original paintings and prints as well as other gifts and homeware featuring my own designs.

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